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Avon Sales Leader

Avon offers all  successful  Avon representatives the career  progression through to  Avon Sales Leader. Becoming an Avon Sales Leader creates a wonderful opportunity to increase your home based business without the need of risking a substantial outlay.

If you are self motivated, ambitious and enjoy meeting people then this could be the opportunity you are looking for and with the Avon brand name providing the base for a successful business you know you are on to a winning combination.

To  become an Avon  Sales  Leader, you will  need to first start  your  Avon  career  path  as an  Avon  rep.
As an Avon representative, you will have gained the experience and expertise needed to progress to Sales Leader. You will have a good knowledge of Avon's  products, have  gained  customer, skills  and  have  built
up  a good  business base  and can  ensure a  minimum  order of  Ł144  campaign. You  are  now ready to become a Sales Leader.

work_from_home_copy.jpgWith  the  support of Avon, Sales  Leaders  recruit  and
train their own team of Avon representatives  and earn variable commission  of their team  sales.
Sales Leadership can be very challenging, hard work and requires  commitment  but  is  also  rewarding  not  only financially but in job satisfaction. Sales Leaders are able to earn fast cash bonuses to help build up your business. By  increasing your team of representatives and building your  team, the  more  commission  you  are able to earn starting  at a round  2% it can  grow  to up  to 12% of your
total team sales.

Work From Home, Be Your Own Boss

Budding Avon Sales  Leaders are given  full training  and support by experienced  Sales Leaders including business  support  materials and a dedicated  Sales Leader website. For an initial  registration fee of Ł25 which is deducted from your earnings, you will be provided with a fully comprehensive business pack to get you started. Sales Leadership pays you 18 times a year.

As an Avon Sales Leader you will  have access  to a dedicated  website with the latest  product  information, top selling tips  and lots of help on  how to build your business. In addition, you will have exclusive access to preview brand new products not yet launched plus an online community where you can chat to other sales leaders. A Sales Leader will also have access to their own personal website which is an Avon branded site, designed especially for you which will help you introduce yourself, promote your business and encourage people to join your team.

Avon Sales Leadership If you enjoy your work as an Avon representative, are good with people, and want to build, manage, train, coach, develop and motivate your own team of  representatives why  not take the  opportunity to  build your  future with Avon. By recruiting representatives and increasing your team, you generate greater returns. Avon Sales Leadership has many benefits and rewards but it has to be worked at. Like any businesses you get out of it what you put into it and if you  have the right  approach, motivation and  perseverance you can go  forward to a wonderful  lucrative career. Become an Avon Sales Leader Today!

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